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Lazina McKenzie

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Community Builder, Connector, Business Consultant

Episode 135: Lazina McKenzie: Community Builder, the Entrepreneurial Spirit and the Road Less Travelled


Lazina McKenzie is in love with entrepreneurial spirit.

She loves working with organizations and teaching people. It was in 2010 when Lazina got one of those goose-bumpy, this-is-what-life’s-about moments. She was volunteering with Suit Yourself, which offers a helping hand to disadvantaged women seeking employment by providing them with free, quality clothing and accessories. That’s when she saw firsthand how discovering a sense of style can give a person an extra boost of confidence when they need it most.

So in 2011, with work experience in hand, Lazina McKenzie chose to look away from the traditional corporate route to create and build something that was uniquely hers. She quit her MBA-level, MBA-paying job, started L2 Style, and never looked back. Lazina's goal has been to provide real, actionable training, advice and tools to all clients. But she's not just about business. Lazina loves to play any Frisbee sport she can, goes hiking regularly, and loves to cook and eat. She'll go anywhere, do anything (at least once) and see anything. Everything. Lazina is a community booster, a style booster, even a mood booster. Her end goal is to get involved in anything she can to contribute towards building a positive and interesting network around her.

Lazina steps into the Inner Circle this week to share her struggles, her high moments, and everything in between. While dealing with rheumatoid arthritis, family heartache, and more, she was running a business as an entrepreneur. Her life path has never led her in an anticipated direction, and she takes it all in stride with the lessons she learned in hand. This week, let Lazina inspire you to take the road less travelled.

For more on Lazina, L Squared Style, and more, visit their website, or follow her on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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