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Linda Hoang

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Social Media Specialist & Blogger

Episode 29: The Struggle Behind The Screen



Today, a very brave and honest young lady joins The Inner Circle to open up and share her story on a topic that we are still continuing to learn more about. Infertility. Linda Hoang and Carrie have worked together in the past, and she shares her very personal story on what they have gone through so far, what steps they plan to take in the future, and how she uses her platform to shine a light on an issue that affects both people individually, and together as a a couple.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

● Linda has always been ahead of the curve with web and digital content, and encouraged Carrie to tweet way before anyone else.

● Writing is a huge aspect of Linda’s life, whether it’s for her own blogging, or coaching others on using social media for both business and pleasure.

● Linda has been blogging for over 10 years, and also has taught herself more about getting her content optimized. She loves writing pieces on food, travel and everyone’s favorite — furry friends.

● Linda’s pets are her life. She has two cats and two dogs, and she started the Edmonton International Cat Festival.

● Linda’s struggle with infertility was frustrating on many levels. She heard mixed messages on what was most important to do, and explored a variety of competing options.

● An honest look into Linda’s situation with infertility, and what she and her husband have tried so far.

● What unexplained infertility means, and why it is extra aggravating because there is no clear cut solution.

● How Linda uses her platform and talent for writing to show authenticity and real life struggles.

● The different methods that Linda and her husband have tried, and an explanation of what IUI, IVF and adoptions typically cost and require.

● How Linda processes and copes with the emotions surrounding infertility, and how connecting with her blog readers helps give her hope, and an audience that can relate to her experience.

● Why we shouldn’t make assumptions on anything in infertility, as it is such a personal matter.


● “Every day at some point I think, oh man, I’ve been on my phone too much.”

● “One of the best part of this event is, well, I fly-in a celebrity cat.”

● “The people that say they struggled and it worked out, it does help me and offers hope.”

● “I know we will have a child in some way or another in our life.”

● “We keep going because...what else can we do?” Mentioned:

Journey Into the Inner Circle:

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