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Lisa LaFlamme

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Chief Anchor & Senior Editor CTV National News

Episode 70: Telling People’s Stories



Lisa LaFlamme is a powerhouse journalist who has been the Chief News Anchor and Senior Editor of CTV National News since 2016. Lisa was also appointed to the Order of Ontario, the province’s highest honor, and won the Radio-Television News Directors Association President’s Award in 2016. Today, Lisa steps away from the TV and into the Inner Circle to talk with Carrie about the pivotal moments she has experienced throughout her decades of reporting on the airwaves and into Canada’s homes. Lisa also shares how she handles the pressures of delivering a national newscast and her takeaways from covering everything from the aftermath of 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina and the war in Afghanistan.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

● Lisa was born in Ontario as the middle child, and her family was very encouraging. She credits their honesty and support to her current mindset that there is nothing she can’t do.

● Lisa always wanted to be a journalist and had a desire deep inside her to explore what makes us human and share the stories with others.

● How Lisa ended up living in the best neighborhood in Ottawa while a young student, and then worked her way up from the night shift on the radio to doing a TV/radio hybrid job 7 days a week.

● The amazing prediction from a psychic that Lisa experienced, which led to her having an even deeper appreciation when she sees all the flags of the world.

● More about Lisa’s time as a National Consumer Affairs correspondent, and how she reported a new scam to the country every week.

● The pivotal, and often scary, moments that Lisa remembers about working in war zones like Baghdad and Afghanistan, and seeing devastating environments like the aftermath of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

● How it felt when Lisa earned her spot as the first female alone on a National news desk.

● What’s Lisa sees in the future of journalism, and what we need to know to keep the human aspect alive when delivering often negative news.


● “Journalism is the opioid of the restless.”

● “I have to stand up to it (fear).”

● “Being a woman has never slowed me down.”

● “Find a balance.”

● “Media literacy is as important as math.”


Journey Into the Inner Circle:

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