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Lynne Rosychuk

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Founder, Board President & Jessica's Mother, Jessica Martel Memorial Foundation

Episode 84: The Strength of a Mother


They lived a nightmare and navigated challenges that we can't even imagine. I'm humbled that Lynne Rosychuk has stepped into The Inner Circle.

We'll share the story of an incredible and courageous mother and her painful yet inspiring journey. This story needs to be heard and shared all around the world. Today we'll dig into the harsh reality of domestic violence.

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Jessica Martel and all women that suffer from abuse. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


"Abusers have a really good way to talk themselves out of bad situations"."We really tried to be supportive of him so he wouldn't be harsh on Jessica"."Only 50% of domestic violence is reported because most often women aren't believed or there's nowhere they can go, they become homeless"."The psychiatrist kept saying that we should abandon the kids to children services, that that would be their best chance for getting the proper services"."Community is key"."The simplest gestures go a long way".

Domestic abuse is wrong at any level. I urge you to not cause it, and if you suffer it... Please take action and get help.


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