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Mandy Trapp

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Founder and Lead Educator, Lifestyle Meditation

Episode 89: Understanding your connection with the world with Mandy Trapp.


A new world is being born; we need only to remember our source. 

This phrase by Deepak Chopra stopped me in my tracks and got me thinking a lot about our new reality and the million-dollar question on everyone's mind... 

What is the world going to look like pos-COVID?

Today's guest has spent nearly 20 years studying and teaching mindfulness and meditation. 

As a student of Dr Deepak Chopra, she learned how to blend ancient wisdom with modern science and integrated the teachings back into her own life, as a busy mom of 3.

The demand for her education and leadership programs focusing on mental and emotional health began to heighten, and in 2012 she decided to commit herself full-time to the expanding field of meditation and mindfulness. 

Later that year, she created Lifestyle Meditation and began with the perfect training programs for teachers. Now, Lifestyle Meditation has grown to include a team of facilitators and international training venues, while certifying over 3000 meditation teachers to date.

Her goal is to empower others by bringing them back to themselves and support them to seek the meaning in their suffering while using their struggles as a means for connection rather than disconnection.

It's a pleasure to have Mandy Trapp joining us at The Inner Circle to give us an insightful answer to this uncertain matter.

Let's start with it!

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

  • 05:30 - We start discussing the lessons Mandy learned from working with Deepak Chopra, what it meant to her and her perspective of his phrase.

  • 10:07 - In the middle of a negative conversation around the COVID-19 crisis, Mandy offers us a positive reflection and an opportunity to examine.

  • 21:18 - Mandy gives her viewpoint of what we should try to do individually at this unfamiliar time.

  • 23:23 - By figuring out who she is, Mandy understood what she wanted to do and leapt faithfully into meditation. 

  • 29:42 - Mandy shares the essential milestones throughout her journey; making leaps of faith that would move her closer to her goals and what felt right in her heart.

  • 40:25 - When Mandy opened her meditation studio, many people were against it and even told her she was crazy. She responded by creating a successful business even though she had to deal with a massive health challenge.

  • 54:42 - After one of the most beautiful reflections of vulnerability, Mandy shares why and where the strength came from to overcome the challenge.


  • "You should treat every day like it was your first day on the planet, with the wonderment, the curiosity of a child."

  • “We need to understand that we get to consciously create the world we step back into."

  • "You get to look at what is everything that is really working for me in my life."

  • "We have to get rid of the parts of us that don't fit anymore, and to be comfortable with that leap."

  • "I gained a lot of new friends and connections that felt so much more true."

  • "I kept thinking about this woman who went through last year's training; she is a physician from Kuwait and the day after she left the training she was flying back, and she said “I want you to know that I am going to be teaching this meditation to all of the patients and physician at the hospital."

  • "We thought long and hard about how we serve our community, how can we help people who don't know where to go due to stress, anxiety, depression ...and that's when we had the idea."

  • "Pay attention and check things a little bit more quickly."

  • "How can you not see that this is an opportunity to love more deeply and to be more grateful."

  • "I believe that everybody wants the truth of who they are and really be seen."


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