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Marjean Maas

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Entrepreneur & Leader in the CFL community

Episode 010: Family on and off the field


Marjean Maas sets the bar high and stops at nothing to reach her goals. She puts her heart and soul into whatever she does, whether it’s growing her business, her own success, or the needs of her family. Marjean knows first hand what it’s like to be part of a team - her husband, Jason Maas, is the former quarterback and now the current head coach of the Edmonton Eskimos. On today’s episode, she speaks with Carrie about the real life behind the spotlight, and the compromise and sacrifice that every member of her family has had to adhere to for their success. Marjean is as real and grounded as they come, and gives her advice for families that may have challenges of distance and relocating in their story.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

● Where Marjean got her can-do attitude and thick skin.

● Marjean’s involvement in team and solo sports, and the important lessons she learned.

● Marjean’s impressive background in blending exercise science, sports psychology and promoting health and wellness.

● The super funny and special story on how she met her now husband Jason, including a random stoplight meeting and an impromptu trip to Vegas to get married.

● How Marjean and Jason support each other upon every stepping stone of their individual careers.

● The realistic and grounded mindset Marjean has about having a family in the spotlight, fame and success.

● How Marjean saw an opportunity to build Bella Maas in the community, and how she chose the location of the first store.

● What it was like for Marjean to build a business while having two kids, and how her dedication to customer service and a stellar experience kept her going.

● How getting stopped by a border patrol agent gave Marjean the validation she needed that she was also the star of the show and that her career was on the right path.

● The way Marjean and Jason integrate their family in their jobs to instill a hard work ethic.

● Marjean’s honest story of Jason’s retirement and transition from quarterback to coaching.

● The challenges of their move to Arizona, and the call that finally got them back to Edmonton.

● What it’s really like to be married to the Head Coach of a pro football team

. ● Marjean’s menu when preparing a menu and home cooking for the entire football team!

● The simple, real, and grounded way that Marjean and Jason approach both their personal and professional life.

● What’s next for the Maas family, and their future plans inside of Edmonton.


● “Our first date was 9 holes of golf and playing basketball at my gym.”

● “You have to take the bad with the good, roll with it and not let it affect you.”

● “I want to be challenged. I don’t do well with just sitting.”

● “You tell me I can’t do it or it won’t work, and I’m only going to work harder.”

● “We are not starstruck people, it’s just not in our blood.”

● “When we aren’t in Edmonton, we want to be here.” Mentioned: Bella Maas Jason Maas Eskimos Journey Into the Inner Circle: Carrie Doll @CarrieADoll - Twitter@carriedollconsulting - Instagram Carrie Doll - Facebook


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