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Mary Jane James

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Chief Executive Officer of the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton

Episode 110: Sexual Violence: The Necessary Conversation with Mary Jane James


Mary Jane James is the Chief Executive Officer of the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Business at Mount Saint Vincent University, and the Faculty of Extension Program at the University of Alberta.

After several years working several different positions in the corporate world, she stepped back for a few years to spend more time at home with her three young children. After she made the shift, Mary Jane became very active in the community, serving on various volunteer and charitable boards and committees. She has also served on numerous local and provincial advisory committees and panels related to the issues of sexual violence, as well as delivering key-note addresses and presentations at conferences and workshops.

Mary Jane is passionate about improving the quality of life for the most marginalized and vulnerable citizens of the world. She believes that the conversation about the prevalence and nature of sexual crimes, though it may be painful and uncomfortable, is one that must be had often. She is a devoted advocate for the survivors of sexual violence, and in her conversation with Carrie, offers many different stories, perspectives, statistics, and much more to shed light on an issue that has been with us as humans since the beginning of civilization.

For more info on the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton, check out their website. To keep up with Mary Jane and her efforts, follow her on Twitter.

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