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Meg Tucker

Entrepreneur, Founder of Cook with Meg, Previous Contestant on Masterchef

Episode 161: Family, Friends, Food, and Fate with Meg Tucker


Meg Tucker has been creating shared experiences through media for over twenty years. Creator of the Shaw TV original kids cooking show Just One Bite, and a top twenty-five finalist on Masterchef Canada, Meg’s catchy enthusiasm for life brings joy to everyone she meets in front of and behind her kitchen counter.

When the world shifted in March 2020, Meg made the ultimate pivot to build a food community called Cook with Meg. Today, Meg brings her years of experience and talents together providing live and on-demand cooking classes for adults, families and children in four countries. Meg’s following of kitchen keeners come back, again and again, to create and cultivate their culinary cool. Whether it’s baking something yummy, or crafting a savoury dish, Meg’s passion goes far beyond teaching people how to cook. It’s to help people relax, develop life skills, practice patience, and build self-esteem by making fun and delicious dishes in the kitchen together. No matter where you live, Meg says everyone can connect through making and sharing food. To do that, Meg carefully designs her cooking classes and camps in ways that help people to connect with their inner chef and the people around them.

For more on Meg and her work, visit her website, or follow her on Instagram and Pinterest.

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