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Michael Dash

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker & Philanthropist

Episode Number 67: Chasing The High



Michael Dash is a best-selling author of ​Chasing the High​, an entrepreneur and a recovering addict. Michael was living life in the fast lane chasing money, power, and external success fueled by an addiction to drugs, alcohol, and gambling. He joins The Inner Circle to share his story on when his behavior came crashing down around him and how a trip to Bali changed it all around to inspire him to seek help and build new beliefs and habits from the ground up. Michael shares how he now finds the rush through philanthropy and helping others transform to find a life of meaning and internal happiness.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

● How Michael’s upbringing created a belief system that success meant chasing money, taking drugs, and gambling.

● What life was like in the fast lane for Michael as he was ruled by a combination of gambling, pills, cocaine and finding the next high.

● Gambler’s Anonymous was Michael’s first step in creating a community of people with similar struggles and celebrating wins together as they recovered from an addiction.

● Why Michael lives in a co-living space, and how it puts him in an environment with people that support his well being and goals.

● How Michael’s life shifted when he went from making decisions based on ego, to ones that serve the greatest good for himself and others.

● Michael’s advice on staying away from working with family, and being careful who you trust with your investment of both time and money.

● How a trip to Bali for the Unconventional Life conference opened up a door for Michael to take a leap and commit himself to living a different way.

● What tapping and EMDR are, and how they are powerful tools to shift limiting mindset and beliefs.

● How Michael found new highs in life such as philanthropy and promoting his book ​Chasing the High​.

● The ripple effect that has happened since Michael has become vulnerable, authentic, and available to help others with their addictive compulsive behaviors.


● “I wasn’t high enough, I needed that extra adrenaline rush.”

● “Most addicts will resist if you are trying to push something on them.”

● “You will affect people that you don’t even know.”

● “There’s going to be people in life that love you and people who hate you. Who cares.”

● “Change is easy, and any one of us can change.”

● “Do one small thing in your life tomorrow and implant it in your day. Do it consistently.”

● “One small step can lead to one huge change.”


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