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Nicole Rice

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Founder & CEO of Sweet {Jolie} and Advocate

Episode 76: Collaboration Over Competition



Nicole Rice, owner, and operator of Sweet {Jolie}, started the very successful company as a place where customers can connect, shop, and perpetuate the body positive movement. Nicole is open about her own battles and challenges and built Sweet {Jolie} from the ground up. From making jewelry in her basement to countless hours of focusing on the little details to get things as perfect for her audience as possible, Nicole is a heart-centered and mission-driven business powerhouse. She joins the Inner Circle to talk about why community is so important to her, how Sweet Jolie is removing the stigma of alopecia, and the significance of the different collections in the company.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

● How Nicole developed her mission to be kind to herself, so her daughters could see first hand what an impact the words we choose about ourselves and others have on our world.

● Nicole openly talks about suffering from postpartum depression, and the impact it had on herself and her family.

● Why Nicole taught herself how to make jewelry, and came to peace that being a full-time stay at home mother wasn’t the right path for her.

● It was important for Nicole and Sweet {Jolie} to offer items that made women feel empowered, beautiful, and had a universally flattering fit.

● How Nicole went from running a daycare and jewelry business from her home to expanding into an internationally known and respected brand.

● What it was like for Nicole and her team to expand from jewelry to accessories and clothing.

● The truth - Nicole is an introvert at heart but connecting with community is what makes her blossom and come alive.

● The leap of faith that Nicole and her husband took to give all their savings in order to say yes to a new massive space, and how her intuition led her to the decision.

● Why the Sweet {Jolie} Love Project encourages showing love to yourself and embrace who you really are.

● How Nicole’s daughter, Kate, developed alopecia when she was two, and what they do to educate and inform others on the condition. Also, the steps Sweet {Jolie} has taken to contribute to the Alopecia Foundation and give back to others.


● “From the beginning, I wanted the company to be as inclusive as possible.”

● “There are some days where I can’t believe the overwhelming feeling of community around us.”

● “I want more growth, and want to make a greater impact.”

● “I just knew this was going to be something, and I had to prove it.”


Journey Into the Inner Circle:

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