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Pat Kiernan

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Iconic Host of Spectrum Televisions NY1 Since 1997, Staple of New York

Episode 112: Living, Reporting and Loving New York: Pat Kiernan from NY1!


Pat Kiernan is a former co-worker of Carrie's from CFRN-TV and friend of the Inner Circle. He has been a television host at Spectrum Television's NY1 since 1997. A staple of New York City, Pat has spent decades briefing New York residents on the weather, news, traffic, and so much more.

A familiar face to millions of Americans, Pat has been asked to play himself on TV and movies more than two dozen times. A Canadian-American, Pat moved to New York to join Time Warner's efforts to develop news online. His deadpan humour, his famous "In the Papers" segment, his illustrious career, and his consistent quality work makes Pat Kiernan both a Canadian and American icon.

In this episode, Pat talks about making the move from Edmonton to New York City back in 1997 and how it all came together. He is honest about the state of journalism, TV news reporting, and how the "In the Papers" segment all came together. He also discloses his affinity for Shreddies and how he acquires the cereal for his 2:30am breakfast. (Yes, he wakes up at 2am). Pat also recalls 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy, but it's the Pandemic of 2020 that is the biggest news story he has ever covered.

And then there are the game shows: Pat has hosted a few over the years, and says that his ability to anchor the news has made him a perfect fit for game shows, but not so much role playing on the Sopranos. (Yes... there's a Sopranos story in this episode).

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