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Pearl Gregor

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Author & Dream Worker

Episode 72: Our Dreams Are Our Teachers



At the young age of 74, Pearl Gregor is an example of what it means to be curious and invested in personal and spiritual growth. Pearl joins the Inner Circle to share her wisdom as an educator, Catholic, and proponent of using meditation and mindfulness as a tool to heal our wounds and clear the way so we can connect with our highest self. Pearl shares how she healed her own depression by tracking and understanding her dreams, ways that we can begin to catalog and write down our dreams, and some of the experiences she has had while on this path. Pearl closes the show by giving guidance as to where we can begin in our own journey and insight into what happens at her workshops for those looking to get personal coaching to be their own guru.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

● Pearl suffered from nightmares for many years as a child and then an adult. She also had fainting spells and illness that baffled her family and doctors. Hear how she healed and began to use her dreams as a teacher.

● Pearl shares a few of the bodily sensations and detox symptoms she has had from releasing stress and toxicity out of her body.

● How we can ask for a dream and access our highest wisdom through mindfulness and being consistent with tracking and writing down our dreams.

● That’s right...we only use 5% of our true potential. Pearl is on a mission to help us understand the other remaining 95%.

● Through her own meditation, Pearl discovered some painful details about her past. She talks with Carrie about how she processed the trauma and healed herself.

● The stories of others that suffered from depression and tragically ended their own life that keeps Pearl inspired to work with people so they find a light in the darkness.

● How Pearl encourages others to understand their own dreams, rather than her tell them what it means.

● How we can begin to remember and track our dreams using just a journal and a pen.

● Some of the best art, whether it’s music, painting, or even comedy, has been created from and within dreams.

● Why you will want to turn off those electronics before bed after listening to Pearl talk!


● “The body knows, but the mind keeps things from us that we can’t cope with.”

● “Responsibility is the ability to respond. It’s not a duty.”

● “I don’t know how to knit, nor do I intend to learn.”

● “People create the most powerful art out of dreams.”


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