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Peyton Callahan

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Wellness Influencer & Bioconsciousness Mentor

Episode 23: Inside The Red Tent


Peyton Callahan has a true gift to help others awaken to their intuition. As a mentor and facilitator, energy worker and birth doula, she honours the spirit of women and lets them connect with their own strength and purpose. Today, she steps in The Inner Circle with Carrie to talk about what a Red Tent party is, and the ceremonies and historical significance associated with the movement. She and Carrie discuss strength in vulnerability, using the earth’s energy to heal, and Peyton’s mission to educate the youth on the beauty of their own bodies to encourage mental and emotional wellness.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

● Peyton’s journey into energy work, and the shift she felt inside herself when getting in touch with her own intuition, wellness and love of providing service to other women.

● Peyton’s work as a birth doula, and how it serves her to both give and receive nurturing and motherly energy.

● What a Red Tent is, why Carrie attended a Red Tent party and the historical significance behind it.

● The Red Tent means something different for every woman. Peyton finds it a treasured resource to provide support, safety and a space for vulnerability.

● It is a sign of strength to ask others for help, especially as women.

● The different types of Red Tent ceremonies - there may be more than you may even


● The gratitude and grace Peyton has found in the profound grief of losing her mother.

● Her inspired work to be the catalyst of strength and healing in women of all stages;

including puberty, fertility, birth and postpartum, and menopause.

● Ways we can get in touch with our bodies and wellness - ways to “know our normal”.

● How Peyton uses the earth to reset and rebalance herself.

● The reasons why Peyton chose to home school her child, and the signals that called to

her demonstrating it was the right step for her particular situation.

● How you can work with Peyton as a coach, mentor, doula or energy worker.


● “The value is in participating inside the Red Tent.”

● “I had dirty feet growing up, and I still do. My friend tells me it makes me more


● “Our time in the Red Tent makes you stop and celebrate yourself, and reminds you of

the deeper connection we have with other women.”

● “There used to be fear in the strength used for creation.”

● “I’ve spent the last decade of my life nurturing, and in turn I’ve received the greatest gifts.”

● “We all have the power to heal ourselves, but sometimes we just need a catalyst or facilitar.”

● “We have this innate knowledge that we’ve been separated from.”

● “Ask yourself: what can I do today that is meaningful to me?”

● “Our bodies talk to us, and if we don’t listen it gets louder, and louder.”


Journey Into the Inner Circle:

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