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Puneeta McBryan

Executive Director, Edmonton Downtown Business Association

Episode 167: Puneeta McBryan: A new and powerful face behind the Edmonton Downtown Business Association


Puneeta McBryan is the Executive Director of the Edmonton Downtown Business Association, a role she took on in December of 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and an inflection point for downtowns across North America. A transformational leader and a connector by nature, Puneeta is working hard to restore and reimagine the vibrancy and prosperity of Edmonton’s downtown core and contribute to our city’s economic recovery through innovative new initiatives, community collaborations, and strong advocacy at all three levels of government.

Prior to joining the EDBA, Puneeta was a marketing & business strategist, serving a diverse set of public and private sector clients across Alberta in the areas of branding & social purpose, strategic public communications, government & stakeholder relations, mass advertising, and everything in between. In her former career, she also sat as President of the Advertising Club of Edmonton and was a regular guest lecturer in the marketing programs at the University of Alberta School of Business and NAIT JR Shaw School of Business.

Puneeta is a proud new mom and a vocal advocate for gender equity in the workforce and progressive workplace policies.

For more on Puneeta, follow her on Twitter, LinkedIn, or check out the Edmonton Downtown Association website.

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