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Rachel Mielke

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

CEO/Founder of Hillberg & Berk, Speaker, Cervical Cancer Survivor

Episode 133: A Cancer Diagnosis: Hillberg and Berk CEO Rachel Mielke Shares Her Journey with Cervical Cancer


In January of 2020, Rachel Mielke received a cervical cancer diagnosis, which set her on an onerous personal journey toward recovery during a year of global suffering. During this trying year, she was able to find respite in simple things like deep breathing, journaling, and juicing. Family, support networks, and second opinions were also instrumental in guiding her through some incredibly difficult decisions.

“Things in life happen for you. They don’t happen to you.” Rachel often circles back to this quote when talking about her diagnosis, and it’s easy to see why she values this perspective of things “happening for you.” After all, this journey brought her closer to her advocacy work, helped her re-evaluate her work-life balance, prioritize her health, and make the big decision to move her family to Victoria. This experience gave her a sense of urgency and clarity about the changes she wanted to make in her life, and she executed those changes in a way that proves that times of great difficulty can also be times of great opportunity.

Rachel is involved in so much work outside of her business, including speaking, advocating for women's health, serving on boards, and much more. To keep up with her work, and for more info on resources pertaining to women's health, visit the Hillberg & Berk website, or follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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