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Rachel Notley

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

17th Premier of Alberta, Current Leader of Alberta's NDP Offical Opposition

Episode 111: The Woman Behind the Politics: A Conversation with NDP Leader and Former Alberta Premier Rachel Notley


Rachel Notley, the 17th Premier of Alberta and current leader of Alberta’s NDP Official Opposition, has her roots firmly planted in politics, though she didn’t always know it was the route she would take.

Rachel initially wanted to teach social studies, but something pulled her in the direction of public service; no doubt, it stemmed from the example her father, Grant Notley, set for her as a trailblazer of the NDP. Since then, Rachel has dedicated her life as an advocate for everyday people. Whether she worked as a labour lawyer, an MLA, or the Premier of Alberta, she always had one goal: to serve those who are most in need. Her efforts to cut child poverty in half, to establish economic growth in Alberta, and her dedication to making sure the government makes decisions on behalf of its people are incredibly inspiring and motivating.

This week, Rachel shares stories of her paralyzing initial fear of public speaking, watching her father work, her childhood attitude toward politics, and much more. Her journey is one of determination, sticking to your moral compass, and empowering those around you through leading by example.

For more on Rachel and what she’s currently working on, check her out on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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