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Rebecca Justice

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Accomplished Model, Furniture Designer & Sacred House of Flame Jewellery

Episode 53: There is Always a Reason Why



Life hands you the strangest gifts. Many, as they are happening, don’t seem much like gifts at all, and instead a step back or even a tragedy. Today’s guest, Rebecca Justice is an accomplished model, businesswoman, furniture and jewelry designer, who knows that all too well. Rebecca steps inside The Inner Circle to share her story about the gift from the universe where she lost almost everything she had in the San Diego fire of 2007, but in the end gained so much. From the ashes, Rebecca found her strength and voice and rose to create a world that is even better and that supports other people in their time of recovery as well. Rebecca is the wife of the famous Major League Baseball player David Justice, and talks with Carrie about life in the spotlight, how they stay grounded with a daily spotlight shining on their family.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

● Rebecca was brought up and raised in San Diego and loves it there. Both her parents are Mexican, and she felt wealthy with the love and support they had as a family. They instilled the core values of kindness and altruism that she holds dear to this day.

● What it was like for Rebecca to be a professional model in Los Angeles, and even a fitness girl on ESPN.

● How Rebecca’s foible of lost calendars that she was featured on actually was a blessing that led to her current husband, MLB star David Justice.

● Even though Rebecca and David have constant attention, their focus is on family and continued education and expansion.

● More about how Rebecca loves blending the two passions of fitness and fashion together. She is an athlete herself, with a love and aptitude for soccer.

● How Rebecca gets inner peace from witnessing time and time again that karma is real.

● The story of how Rebecca’s entire home burnt to the ground in 2007 and destroyed not only her own belongings but those of her husband, children, and parents.

● What they went through after the fire, how it happened and how she managed to pick herself up after the aftermath.

● The inspirational behaviour of Rebecca’s community, and how they offered their very own belongings to help them in their darkest hour.

● How Rebecca’s furniture design company, Rebecca Justice Collections, came from after her desire to take her very own ideas and bring them to life.

● The way Rebecca’s Sacred Flame Jewelry Line tells a story with jewelry that has healing properties.

● How Rebecca overcame shyness to have a strong, clear and purposeful voice.


● “Some things in life you have to fall into.”

● “Everyone has a story of triumph over tragedy.”

● “I just believe in everyone helping each other.”

● “It’s all about using your own resources.”


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