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Rebecca Liedtke

Mother, Advocate, Medical Student

Episode 175: Rebecca Liedtke: Health Equity, Transforming Patient Policy and Fighting Paediatric Cancer


Rebecca Liedtke is wife, mom, premedical student, and a patient family advisor with the Stollery Children's Hospital. She has a degree in Clinical Exercise physiology, is completing a second undergraduate degree in Science, with a major in Biology and minor is Psychology, with the goal of becoming a paediatric physician. Rebecca also works on a variety of research projects for the Stollery and University of Alberta. She has three young children, with her middle child currently battling cancer and on year three of chemotherapy treatment. Having spent many days in the hospital, Rebecca's drive for health equity and transforming the patient and family experience has led her to advocacy and policy change to ensure the voices of patients and families are being heard.

In this episode, Rebecca deep dives into her experiences in the hospital setting, the inner strength she finds for her son, and how she believes her unique life experiences have helped prepare her to be an asset in the medical field. Rebecca is an intelligent, determined, remarkable human being. Her story is beautiful, tragic, empowering, and heartbreaking. The honesty Rebecca brings to this interview is awe-inspiring.

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