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Robin Hobal

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Entrepreneur, Owner & Operator of MINA Consignment

Episode 146: How Robin Hobal Balanced Career and Family


Her name is Robin Hobal, and she owns and operates MINA Consignment. Robin started Make It New Again when she was a mom in" transition". Long ago, Robin was an elementary school teacher who chose to stay at home with her growing family. When she returned to the paid work force in that same field, after 7 years, Robin was laid off from a contract position and found herself looking to fill her days with something flexible and fun while staying home with 2 over scheduled kids. While scrolling through Instagram one night, she became instantly intrigued with the world of reselling. Robin polled her girlfriends to see if she had a base of ladies that were interested in cleaning out their closets to find items that no longer fit, they no longer gravitated to or their tastes or styles had changed. Within a week, she had over 100 clothing pieces to sell and a small base to help her spread the word about what she was doing! Robin's business has grown substantially in the last 4 years but has had its ups and downs. Thankfully she has a supportive husband that not only allowed her to take over their basement to store our inventory but helped her carve out a niche business that she loves.

For more on Robin, visit her website, or follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Poshmark.

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