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Sabrina Souto

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Reproductive and Intimacy Educator & Spiritual Activist

Episode 37: Embracing Our Sexual Well Being



Sabrina Souto believes that sexual well being isn’t just about sex. In fact, it goes way deeper and is really a reflection of our own self-acceptance. As a traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor & Acupuncturist, with recent certification in Hypnotherapy, she has much wisdom to share about healing, cultivating self-love, and creating a safe space for healing and connection. She talks about the common issues of libido and fertility that she sees, the messages our body sends us through menopause,

and what true heart connection means.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

● Sabrina’s journey into Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hypnosis and Acupuncture, and why she realized she needed to first heal herself before she treated others.

● Why there continues to be so much shame and secrecy still surrounding sexual well being in our conversations, and how Sabrina has pledged to be a resource of safety and knowledge.

● The intense findings Sabrina experienced when she went on our own healing journey, and how it brought her a deepened intimacy with her husband.

● The two most common challenges Sabrina hears from women: low or no libido and challenges with fertility.

● The beautiful way our body communicates with us, and how we can listen in and experience connection.

● The “O” word. Why we should embrace it, learn about our own pleasure and enjoy it regularly.

● Sabrina’s use of hypnosis to heal her own health issues and get herself in a space to receive pleasure.

● What true heart connection means, and how we can drop down from our head into our heart.

● How women can create a loving and nurturing space for the men in their life.

● How Sabrina responds to people that challenge her work and doubt the validity of her practices.

● The amazing way our cells respond to different type of treatments when we embrace ourselves fully despite our perceived flaws and shortcomings.

● Sabrina’s use of sound healing, herbs, and acupuncture in her practice.

● What stress truly is, and what it sets off in our body.

● The importance of a support system and a connection to something higher than yourself

● What healthy menopause looks like, and how women can honour this time instead of fighting against it.


● “A lot of sex has nothing to do with sex.”

● “I had to start with myself, or I would feel like a fraud otherwise.”

● “Courage can just catapult us.”

● “Your body will always let you know how far away from love you are.”

● “I want to get to know my body, and get a deep relationship with it.”

● “You can’t be in your heart without actually loving yourself.”

● “As we get older, we can look forward to our wisdom and what we can provide.”


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