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Sandra Kolbuc & Tracy Stark

Authors of Gross Misconduct, the Story of Tracy's Sons Ryder & Radek

Episode 184: Gross Misconduct: Through the Help of her Trauma Therapist Sandra Kolbuc, Mother Tracy Stark Shares the Story of her Sons Ryder and Radek. A Story of Tragedy, Courage, Resilience and Hope

This week on The Inner Circle, we have a very heart-wrenching story that may be troubling for some. Trigger warning: domestic violence, child death.

Tracy Stark and Sandra Kolbuc join the podcast this week to share the story of Ryder and Radek, their tragically short lives, and the community that rallied around Tracy in the aftermath of such a horrific event.

Sandra Young Kolbuc, BPE, MSc, RMFT, CCC is a trauma- counselling therapist well-trained by The Canadian Foundation of Trauma Research and Education ( She is the mother of four adult children and the grandmother of nine and lives with her husband David in the beauty of the boreal forest near Whitecourt, Alberta CANADA. Sandra continues to influence those needing to find their voices about things that matter. (

Tracy Stark and her husband, Brent, are former co-owners of the Whitecourt Wolverines Junior A Hockey Club. Tracy also heads The R R Memorial Foundation, established in Ryder and Radek’s memory, to provide financial assistance to families needing a hand up in supporting children’s participation in sport. Tracy is the stepmother of two adult daughters. She and Brent live in Whitecourt, Alberta CANADA where Tracy continues to advocate on behalf of women and children in the name of her sons, Ryder Patryk and Radek Stryker.

For more on Tracy and Sandra and their work, including the RnR Memorial Foundation in memory of Ryder and Radek, visit their website, purchase Gross Misconduct, click here.

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