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Sarah Benken

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Entrepreneur, CEO, Mentor to Women in Business, Speaker

Episode 123: In the Know: How Sarah Benken Created an International Community of Like-Minded Women


Sarah Benken is passionate about supporting women, specifically high-achieving businesswomen that are overworked and lacking community with like-minded women. 𝑾𝒉𝒚? Because she has been there - in the wrong rooms, stretched thin, and feeling like I was alone on the journey.

As an accomplished Founder + CEO of 12 years, Sarah has built and scaled two brands internationally. She is an awarding-winning entrepreneur that knows firsthand what it is like to feel the need to connect with 'her people' and to have trouble finding them. She has made it my mission to help women connect with a community that is centered around growth, development, championing, and sisterhood. Through the KNOW Women Global Membership and KNOW Book, she is providing space for dynamic female leaders to gather, collaborate, and be celebrated for their successes and hard work.

Sarah is active in her community. She teaches CEO classes to pregnant teens, works with women through ministries, and mentors many women throughout North America. She has always been enchanted by women who break the mold, even while working in male-dominated fields. She believes in bringing women together to live out her personal, and KNOW manta, Lift and Rise. Sarah has been awarded the prestigious Forty Under 40 Award, while Metro’s Other Woman was a Winner of Triangle Business Journal’s 50 Best Places to Work. Sarah was also recognized as a Mom of the Week by Charlotte Moms and Charlotte Observer; and both she and her companies have been featured in over 40 print magazines, including the Wall Street Journal, Thrive Global, Business Insider, Yahoo! and Yahoo! Finance.

In this episode, Sarah's story will absolutely blow you away. Her determination, ability to think outside the box, and the sheer amount of perseverance in the face of any and all obstacles is something we can all admire and emulate in our lives.

For more on Sarah, check out the Wall Street Journal and CEO Medium articles mentioned in the episode, follow her on Instagram, and check out the KNOW Women website.

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