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Schoena Strudwick

Entrepreneur, Mother, Wife of NHL Broadcaster Jason Strudwick

Episode 159: Schoena Strudwick and Her Stunning Fertility Journey


Schoena Johnson was raised in Elk Mountain, Wyoming, population 109, with one paved road and three surnames: Johnson, Jones and Palm. She grew up showing pigs, shooting rifles and chasing after her two older brothers. She met Jason Strudwick through friends of friends, and after a three-year courtship, married in 2006.

This is their story of the family they worked so hard and sacrificed much to build. This is the story of the winding road that led to the love they share with their three children, all while Jason was playing in the NHL, and Schoena was starting her own business, Yo Mama Maternity, which focuses on fashion for pregnant women, and more recently, nursing apparel.

In this episode, Schoena gives us insight into their struggle with fertility, exploring every option, the mental hardships of trying for pregnancy, the beautiful story of their adoption of their son Cain, and so much more. Schoena has an absolutely amazing sense of humour, but also her humility, her selfless way she approaches motherhood, and her grace and thankfulness of everything she has is always shining through. This is an episode you won't want to miss, filled with hardships, laughter, and so much love.

For more on Schoena, follow her on Instagram, Twitter, or visit the Yo Mama Maternity website.

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