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Shar Mulligan

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Entrepreneur, Owner of Waggles Academy for Dogs

Episode 145: Shar Mulligan: Dog Whisperer


WAGGLES Academy for Dogs Inc. is owned and operated by Sharna “Shar” Mulligan and is central Alberta’s positive Dog Training professional of choice! Learn with your pet in a force-free environment full of fun and support. There are many options: training at home privately, semi-private sessions, or in group classes. Training and behaviour solutions are planned specifically for each individual.

Shar is a certified Canine Training & Behaviour professional. She earned her diplomas and certification through Canine Correspondence Studies, Waterloo, Ontario, along with her diploma in Comprehensive Canine Aggression Therapy. Shar continuously furthers her education and keeps updated with dog behaviours and training methods by reading books and research papers, designing programs, and attending seminars and educational workshops. For example, Shar attended the one day seminar by Cesar Millan in Calgary, Alberta; a 3-day conference in Toronto, Ontario by Dr. Ian Dunbar; Learning Labs & Training Sessions by Karen Pryor Academy, in Portland Oregon; a 3 day seminar and audit by Suzanne Clothier; The Art & Science of Animal Behaviour with Sophia Yin in Edmonton, Alberta; a symposium and lab at the University of Calgary, Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine; a two-day workshop earning another Trick Training Certification from "Do More With Your Dog Association" presented by Kyra Sundance; as well as frequent webinars and workshops presented by positive professionals.

Shar is serious about her love for dogs, but is very laid back by nature. She’s unbelievably dedicated, fun, and passionate about our best friends, our furry wonderful companions.

For more on Shar, visit Waggles’ website, or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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