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Sophie Gray

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Social Media Content Curator & Founder of DiveThru App

Episode 59: Taking The Filters Off



Sophie Gray, social media content curator, entrepreneur and founder of the DiveThru mental well-being app, knows firsthand that you don’t need followers to be valid. Sophie had more than 400k followers as a fitness influencer and was making great money selling E-books and courses, but knew she needed to honor her authentic self and be a voice for responsibility and reality. She joins the Inner Circle today to share what she has learned managing the crazy world of social media, her rock bottom moments and favorite self-care tools. She also discusses both the challenges and opportunities she sees for the future of social media, and why it’s more than okay if all you are doing is laying at home, being cozy and eating crackers and hummus.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

● Sophie’s rise in fame as a social media star, and what it was like in the space before Instagram really blew up and became the platform it is today.

● Ways Sophie grew her own audience including shout outs and audience swapping, both practices that aren’t done as organically on Instagram today.

● The behind the scenes account of what it was like to grow quickly as a social media star and make a lucrative career from selling workout programs and E-books.

● Sophie started her Instagram account as a modeling portfolio and would share everything from workouts, fitness regimen tips, to dieting tips. She always had a message of self-love and acceptance, it was just under the platform of working out and fitness.

● When things shifted for Sophie, and what the repercussions were when she decided she wanted to instead focus more on mindfulness, true connection, and authenticity.

● Although Sophie was on the path of stardom and rubbing elbows with the best in her industry, she had extreme anxiety and panic, so much so that it limited her from engaging in everyday activity and really being in the present moment.

● The dark side of Sophie’s rock bottom moments, and how it now gives her that extra ability to connect with those who struggle with self-harm.

● How journaling became an extremely valuable tool for Sophie to turn towards her feelings and engage in self-care.

● Why Sophie lost 70k followers when she started shifting her content from fitness to more mental health, and why she was completely okay with it.

● Why Sophie created the DiveThru app, what exactly it provides, and why guided introspection can help support your journaling “dives”.


● “People that blew up on the internet weren’t the popular ones.”

● “I allowed myself to experience the feelings that I had been so desperately shoving down.”

● “I was betraying myself in many ways, and I had to build up that trust.”

● “We idolize people on social media. We put them on a pedestal, and it is negative for both parties.”

● “Maybe some people want to be on that pedestal and have that separation. I don’t.”


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