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Spencer Beach

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Burn Survivor, Motivational Speaker, Author

Episode 114: In Case of Fire: Real Life Experiences of Burn Survivor Spencer Beach


Spencer Beach was a 3rd generation flooring installer and among the best in his field when he endured a horrific flash fire that left him permanently and severely scarred. After spending 14 months in the hospital and a year more of rehabilitation he has gone on to carve out a new path for his life. He has now achieved such designations as a Construction Safety Officer through the Alberta Construction Safety Association, as well completed with distinction the University of Alberta’s, Faculty of Extensions, Occupational Health & Safety Certificate program.

Spencer has been an international professional speaker for 13 years and delivered over 1,500 presentations. His messages focus on people’s behaviours to improve workplace safety, overcoming hardship, drug and alcohol abuse, understanding self and self-esteem, healthcare groups and more. Spencer is also the author of his bestselling book In Case of Fire, works with WCB Alberta to motivate injured workers, is a volunteer for the Friends of the University Hospital of Alberta, was awarded the 2013 Avenue Magazine Top 40 Under 40 for his community work and was the first recipient of the Award of Courage through Glenrose Hospital. It is a true honour to welcome Spencer Beach to the Inner Circle this week.

Spencer's invaluable insight on seeing the positives in a tragedy, the different ways his life changed after that fateful 20 seconds, his renewed purpose and devotion to his message, and so much more make this episode one you should not miss. Spencer Beach is a true inspiration who will touch your soul with his story.

For more on Spencer's work as an author and motivational speaker, his weekly blog, or to purchase one of his best-selling books, check out his website.

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