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Stephen Petasky & Carrie Doll

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

President/CEO The Luxus Group & Public Speaking Coach & Podcast Host of "The Inner Circle"

Episode: 85


Today we have a very special guest joining us in The Inner Circle.

Stephen Petasky is the founder of the Luxus Group, he is my best friend and husband, and we both are very excited to share our journey of how we conquered the 75 Hard Challenge together.

From the tough lessons, to the health wins, to the new habits we'll be implementing in our lives, you will not want to miss this.

Let's dig in!


"I think there's enough garbage out there about weight loss journeys and that where people yo-yo diet and don't achieve the health goals that they want"."That was the moment where I understood that I can do a lot more than I think I can"."It was the behavior, the habit of having it just the sake of having it versus replacing that behavior or habit with luck"."What we found was our habit of drinking wine to reconnect was replaced by a new habit of going for walks together, and it benefited us in countless ways"."When you're done sleeping, don't let the alarm snooze (and stress you)"."If you have to wake naturally, just get up when you wake up naturally"."The blue light that's emitted from your phone blocks the production of melatonin when you are sleeping"."Your body fights to be at a specific weight that you are pre-programmed to be at"."No matter what, during the day take something green, get your micronutrients during the day"."You have to support your partner in this journey".


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Journey Into the Inner Circle:

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