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Tawsha Klein-Sparks

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Wife, Mother & Business Owner

Episode 60: Living in a New Normal



Tawsha Klein-Sparks believes we are connected by one thing — love. This shining light is working to advocate for herself, her family, and to change the statistics of those suffering from any illness. Tawsha discusses her diagnosis of ovarian cancer, and how it affects her at the mere age of only 46. She is honest and open about how it affects her marriage to her high school sweetheart and beautiful family, how she gets through the not so good days, and where she gets her strength and positivity from. Tawsha shares the lessons she has learned so far in this journey, her future plans to renew her vows in Hawaii, and reminds us that it's okay to deeply feel any emotion that comes our way.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

● Despite being diagnosed with cancer, Tawsha is an incredibly happy and peaceful person. She knows exactly that she is on the right path. Her strength and energy help give others peace and courage.

● More about Tawsha’s diagnosis in 2011, and what it was like to undergo a year of chemotherapy.

● Where exactly Tawsha’s positive headspace comes from, and how her belief in unconditional love and forgiveness is a big part of what is ingrained in her soul.

● Why we should allow ourselves to experience emotion, even the thorny ones like anger, sadness, and grief.

● Tawsha is the CEO of her own health and studies her diagnosis and treatment like its her job. She is an advocate for herself and her family.

● The real-life moments that any parent with an illness has to deal with.

● More about Sarcoma and Clear Cell cancer, and why Tawsha knows that knowledge is power. The more she knows the more she can help herself.

● What changes Tawsha made in the way she lives her life since her diagnosis.

● How Tawsha’s background as a hair salon owner affected her side effects from the chemotherapy treatments.

● Tawsha’s commitment to living in love now, and creating good energy that will last beyond her physical time on this planet.

● The one thing on her bucket list: visiting Hawaii to renew her vows.

● You do not know your start date or your end date, so choose to live.


● “What I do know is people beat the odds all the time.”

● “I feel like someone spoke to me and said ‘This is your journey. Go.”

● “I am 110% an advocate for myself.”

● “I have cancer, but I’m a happy person.”

● “I will continue to let love be the answer.”

● “None of us would meet if it wasn’t for love.”


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