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Victoria Smith

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Stress Reduction Coach

Episode 71: You Are in Charge with Your Relationship to Stress



Our guest today, Victoria Smith, knows firsthand the damaging effects that stress can have on our health, along with our general well-being. She has taken her own experience with stress, burnout, and recovery to transition to a life where she coaches others to use stress management and reduction tools. Victoria talks about the moment she knew that she had to take control of her health, gives us a few quick tips that we can start today to destress, and the common stressors she sees when working with her clients.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

● It may look on the outside like everyone besides us has their life totally together and figured out. Not only is that not the case, but it’s far from it. This can help us have realistic expectations instead of feeling like we are always falling behind in some manner.

● How Victoria’s high paced and stressful way of life lead to burnout, and what exactly the symptoms of stress can look like.

● Stress is the #1 cause of shingles in younger adults, and what it felt like for Victoria to have to be vulnerable and admit to her coworkers that she had it, and needed to take time off to heal and rest.

● What burnout can look like and ways that you can recognize the signs for yourself and your loved ones.

● The painful and tumultuous time in Victoria’s life when she was caught in the middle of her parents’ divorce, and the toll it took on her own energy and life force.

● The benefits Victoria found in counseling services, and other major tools that helped her along her wellness recovery journey.

● Why setting boundaries is so important to our well being, and to preserve our energy so that we can be the best for both ourselves and others.

● How Victoria’s podcast, Girl Tries Life, shines a spotlight on other women who are accomplishing big things and also committed to their health and self-growth.

● It takes time, energy, and dedication for stress reduction, but the results are worth it.

● A few of Victoria’s strategies to immediately reduce your stress.

● We have power over our stress life and being a “stressed out” person is not a life sentence.


● “Everyone on the outside always seems to be hacking it, but you don’t go home with them.”

● “The most important thing is to always try.”

● “I may not succeed, but I will have tried.”

● “You can only control you.”


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