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Wedad Amiri

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Founder & CEO of Afflatus Hijab

Episode 30: Empowerment In Fashion


Wedad Amiri

Founder & CEO of Affaltus Hijab

Episode 30: Empowerment in Fashion


Wedad Amiri is an adventurous spirit that doesn’t let others tell her what to do. Whether she is naming her designs after inspirational women or standing up for those that aren’t able to, she has accomplished so much in a short period of time as a fashion designer, entrepreneur and Lebanese Muslim woman. Today, she steps in The Inner Circle about being a Muslim business creator and owner, the meaning and message behind her brand Afflatus Hijab, and the social impact her work leaves on the world around her.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

● The difference between culture and religion, and Wedad’s upbringing as Lebanese Muslim.

● The significance in Wedad’s decision to wear the hijab and to keep it on despite teasing from her classmates.

● What it was like living through September 11, and the ways it taught her to be patient and empathetic during times of judgment and misunderstanding.

● The character traits that are to be embodied out in the world when wearing the hijab.

● What led Wedad into fashion and her very own self created and designed fashion show featuring affordable evening wear.

● How her fashion line Afflatus Hijab has evolved over the years, including hijabs and a more diverse array of clothing.

● Where Wedad finds her inspiration, and what she does with the images to make her dreams come to life.

● Wedad’s experience at New York Fashion Week, and the results that rippled from her hard work.

● When Wedad knew her community was ready to receive the story of mental health struggles, and the growth she experienced by sharing resources with those that needed them.

● The values of education and hard work that her mother instilled in her, that she proudly demonstrates every day of her life.


● “I just don’t like when people tell me what to do, especially for a reason that is not good enough.”

● “People don’t understand sometimes, and you just have to educate them.”

● “I went to Google and searched for hipster business names.”

● “Be humble, empathetic and remember where you come from.”

● “Women can run the world if we believed in ourselves just a little bit more.”


Journey Into the Inner Circle:

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