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Zeina El-Sayed

Paralegal & Mediator, Founder of Trusted Divorce Services

Episode 182: Zeina El-Sayed: Divorce Doesn't Have to Break You

For too many couples, divorce is long, painful and expensive. That’s why Zeina El-Sayed founded Trusted Divorce Services. Zeina wants to elevate the divorce process from destructive and costly to simple and fair. Zeina calls this the Constructive Divorce™ Process.

The Constructive Divorce™ Process has helped hundreds of Alberta couples finalize their divorces in half the time at a third of the price. Most importantly, this process helps couples communicate effectively, settle their finances fairly, and protect the emotional and mental health of their children.

Zeina is a widely recognized expert in divorce. She processed more than 30,000 divorces in her 10 years in the Alberta Divorce Court prior to launching her company. Her paralegal background brings efficiency and knowledge of the system. Her mediation background helps get all parties working together toward the same goal: communicating effectively, settling their finances fairly, and co-parenting emotionally and mentally healthy children.

Lawyer-led divorce is a fundamentally broken system. Lawyers naturally pit two parties against each other. This leaves no room for a Constructive Divorce™. Yet most couples say they want to end their marriage fairly and amicably. As a result, divorces can drag out for years, and can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more. It can emotionally deplete the whole family. It does NOT have to be this way.

In this episode, Zeina gives a run down of her journey, from the inspiration to work hard from her mother to building a successful business in Canada.

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